Presenting the UE Office of Cultural Affairs…


On behalf of the University of the East’s Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA), we wish to share this omnibus video about the UE OCA, in part to introduce it to our new Warrior Students.

The UE OCA is in charge overall of creating different artistic and cultural programs within UE, as well as coordinating and organizing a number of university events.

Moreover, the OCA oversees the University’s cultural service grantees, i.e., aspiring and deserving student artists who are part of the OCA’s resident cultural groups—namely the UE Band, the UE Chorale, the UE Drama Company and the UE Silanganan Dance Troupe.

The UE OCA projects the image of the University through social and cultural activities designed to nurture and enliven artistic consciousness, as well as to sustain the creative involvement of University constituents, particularly the students and faculty members.

The Office likewise seeks to establish harmonious cultural tie-ups and relationships within and beyond the campus, foster closer exchanges with the different foreign embassies, and develop the aesthetic sensibilities of the various sectors of the academic community.

For inquiries about UE’s cultural groups and cultural service grants, please send an email of inquiry to

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