A  CHED-Recognized Center of Excellence (COE) in IT Education, the UE College of Computer Studies and Systems (CCSS) pioneered in the offering of a baccalaureate degree in Computer Science (BSCS) in the University Belt area starting SY 1988-1989.

As early as 1984, the University started offering computer courses built into the curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program, both as credit-earning subjects as well as non-degree computer courses.

In 1986, the CCSS was still known as the Computer Institute for Studies and Systems (CISS).  Its initial offerings up to 1987 were non-degree computer training programs conducted in consortium with the University of the Philippines. Prof. Nati C. San Gabriel was the Director of the University’s Computer-Assisted Registration Systems (CARS) and at the same time, the Dean of CISS, which later became CCSS under her leadership.

After Dean San Gabriel’s retirement in 1997, Presidio R. Calumpit Jr. became the second CCSS Dean in May 1997 until April 2005.  During his term, Dean Calumpit initiated the offering of other degree programs like Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT), Bachelor of Science in Information Management (BSIM), Associate in Computer Technology (ACT) and Master in Information Management (MIM).  Upon the retirement of Dean Calumpit, Engr. Constantino T. Yap took over the helm of the College from May 2005 until November 2005.  UE Manila Chancellor Numeriano M. De La Cruz served concurrently as Acting Dean of the CCSS from December 2005 to January 2006.

In February 2006, Dean Rodany A. Merida took over the deanship.  An alumnus of CCSS batch 1996, Dean Merida had worked with the University’s Management Information Systems Department (MISD) as Database Administrator for six years, then worked for a well-known academic institute where he held a deanship position prior to returning to UE.  Equipped with vast experience as an IT practitioner and academician, Dean Merida envisions his Alma Mater to become the Preferred ICT Education Provider in the Philippines.

Under the leadership of Dean Merida and with the unwavering support of the faculty and staff, the UE College of Computer Studies and Systems has grown into a Center of Development (COD) in Information Technology Education for the Calendar Year 2007-2010 and extended until December 31, 2015.  Because the college has demonstrated the highest degree or standards along in the areas of Instruction, Research and Extension, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) recognized the college as a Center of Excellence (COE) in Information Technology Education since January 1, 2016.  It was also during the term of Dean Merida that the program in  Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing, with specializations in Digital Animation and Game Development, was first offered within the University Belt during the Academic Year 2014-2015.

Two of the programs being offered by the College, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, were granted Level IV and Level III respectively, by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA), while its Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing will go for Level I accreditation this 2022.

The UE Management has been supportive in updating the CCSS’ physical facilities since the First Semester SY 1998-1999, starting with the major renovation of the ground-floor computer laboratories and the CCSS offices.  To date, new laboratory rooms, with 41-unit capacity each which are fully connected via local area networks, are part of the new Lualhati Building.  Special laboratories are also built in the said building, and they are as follows: Drawing Room(Drawing Laboratory), Robotics Laboratory, Sound Engineering Laboratory, Render Farm Laboratory, Photography Studio, Networking Laboratory, Green Screen Studio, Digital Laboratory, and Game Laboratory. 

Through the continuing efforts towards uplifting the standards of IT education in the University to produce quality IT graduates, and in response to the needs of the industry, the College has been continuously revising the curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) program; meanwhile, the Bachelor of Science in Information Management (BSIM) was converted to Bachelor of Science in Information System (BSIS). In response to the policy of the government to provide a “ladderized” program of education, the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) has also been revised. In the Philippines, the College of Computer Studies and Systems was the primordial in the offering of the degree Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing, with specialization in the areas of digital animation and game development, a growing industry in the Philippines nowadays.  Moreover, the presence of the graduate programs Doctor in Information Technology (DIT) and Master in Information Systems (MIS) are clear indicators of the maturity and capabilities of the College.

With the unfortunate demise of Dean Merida on June 27, 2020, the then Associate Dean Ma. Teresa F. Borebor took the lead being the Officer-in-Charge until December 31, 2020, then she officially became the sixth Dean of CCSS starting January 1, 2021.   Dean Borebor, also a CCSS alumna,  rose from being one of the senior regular faculty members of CCSS, to being a department head, then College Secretary, then Associate Dean, and now, as the one who holds the highest position in CCSS.  Her support to the leadership of Dean Merida was also instrumental in the many achievements accorded to the college at present.  Her Deanship is not just in the continuity of what had been achieved by those who had come before her, but with a vision to achieve more, for both UE and CCSS.

To date, CCSS exhibits outstanding capabilities in building linkages with industry and other academic institutions across the Philippines.  It provides premium education to its students especially through the College’s tie-ups with local and global partners such as: Accenture, Codechum, East-West, FastTrack, Huawei and Innovative Training Works, Inc. to name a few.  CCSS is also a CERTIPORT Authorized Testing Center (CATC) and a Huawei ICT Academy.  UE-CCSS had also a tie-up with International Game Developers Association (IGDA) which is based in the United States, for two years (2018 and 2019).  This made UE as the first Academic Partner of IGDA in Southeast Asia.  Also, through the University’s effort, CCSS students have the opportunity to have their on-the-job training abroad, particularly in the United States of America and in Japan.  These tie-ups allow the CCSS to deliver industry-relevant, marketable knowledge and skills to its students-to prepare them for a full-fledged IT career or to equip them with IT acumen that would serve them well in other professions.

CCSS is always one with UE, in echoing to the entire studentry, that Tomorrow, truly begins in the East.


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