Recognized Student Organizations

University Wide Organization

Christian Brotherhood International


CBI is a religious organization for all students who are members of Iglesia Ni Cristo ( Church of Christ ) . It aims to foster brotherhood, unity and cooperation among its members. At present, the group has approximately 84 active members engaged in conducting various activities such as general assembly, educational film showing, bible study, prayer meetings and others.






Christian Community Program (CCP)


The CCP is established in order to coordinate projects for the moral and spiritual upliftment of the students and other constituents. It aims at building Christian community in the university especially among students. The building of the community starts with a core of group of students as instruments to produce multiplier effects in the University clientele. It operates through the team leadership of the Coordinating Committee composed of officers of 10 CCP working committee in every campus.

With the guidance of the UE Campus Ministry and UE CCP Coordinator, it functions as formative community at the service of the University in coordination with the Chaplain and Director Student Affairs Office.


Admissions Office

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SAO Office
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Recognized Student Organizations

College Based Organizations


  • Alpha Phi Omega – Epsilon (APO – Epsilon) 

It is the vision of Alpha Phi Omega to be the premier, inclusive, campus-based, leadership development organization through the provision of service to others and the creation of community.


Through its mission of preparing campus and community leaders through service, Alpha Phi Omega is committed to bringing together college students in a national service fraternity in the fellowship of principles; to develop Leadership, to promote Friendship and to provide Service to humanity; and further the freedom that is our national, educational and intellectual heritage. Founded on the Cardinal Principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service. It provides its members the opportunity to develop leadership skills as they volunteer on their campus, in their community, to the nation, and to the organization.

  • College Y Club (CYC)

College Y Club is a YMCA program and linkage for students enrolled in colleges and universities. As a college program and linkage of the YMCA of Manila, this program is designed to meet the needs of the interests and the members and at the same time offer opportunities for informal group education and experience in congenial social settings. College-Y Program provides activities and cultural pursuits which college students want and need.


The need to work for the growth and development of one’s mind, body, and spirit is the main task of the CYC especially in an ever-changing pace of society by putting our minds together for a new thinking, a greater insight, and understanding of life. It seeks to create an atmosphere of fellowship among young men and women and offers opportunity to grow in a Christian democratic world setting. Members are helped individually to develop well-rounded personalities, investigate new ideas, and learn new skills, which helps them use their leisure time more productively.


The purpose of the College-Y club is to seek every opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially, and to become proficient in Christian democratic leadership so as to serve God, our country and our fellowmen in the best possible way.

  • International Students Association (ISA) 

An association exclusive for UE international students that cares for all their concerns brings everyone together for fellowship and builds strong relations based on common interests as well as sharing of various cultures and traditions. 


  • Student Catholic Action – Christian Communities Program (SCA-CCP) 

The Student Catholic Action – Christian Communities Program is a university-wide organization in the University of the East. This organization is concerned with the spiritual life of the students, professors, administration staff, and the entire UE Community. Moreover, the SCA-CCP organizes activities that aim to develop and nourish one’s spirituality such as cell groups, prayer meetings, praying of the Holy Rosary, and covenant prayer. The community also assists the Ministry on Campus with its functions within the university including the preparation for and celebration of the Holy Eucharist, first Holy Communion, Confessions, and alike. Correspondingly, the SCA-CCP lives with its mission: “To Restore All Things In Christ” – Pope Pius X.

  • UE Bright Leaders Association for Zeal and Excellence (UE BLAZE)

University of the East – Bright Leaders’ Association for Zeal and Excellence (UE – BLAZE) is the official scholars’ organization of UE – Manila. UE – BLAZE was founded in 2013 to promote academic excellence and brilliant leadership. The organization is committed to create programs and initiatives for the scholars and involve them in activities that promote their social and civic awareness.

  • UE Debate and Speech Society (UE DEBSSOC)

Formerly known as the Forensics Society, the organization gathers all students with interest and with a high degree of efficiency in the field of argumentation and debate as well as in the field of public speaking. 


The organization aimed not only to harness the growth and development of one’s ability in the aforementioned fields but also to develop in each member the ability to ponder and to verbalize its opinion on various campus, national, and international issues and events that would impact the lives and welfare of the people and make an effort to be involved in community development and the like.  

  • UE Jam Sessions (UEJS)

UE Jam Sessions is the sole music college organization in University of the East-Manila. It hones aspiring artists and gives opportunities to its members to showcase and develop their skills and talents in singing, writing songs, hosting, video production, and many more. Being a music organization, it serves as an avenue for passionate musicians in exhibiting their talents to the crowd.


  • Association of Broadcasting Students (ABS)


The UE Manila Association of Broadcasting Students has been actively serving the broadcasting community ever since it was founded in 2003. This Organization has numerous annual programs such as; General Assembly, Mr. and Mrs. Broadcasting, Medialympics, and Gawad Silangan. Recently, they launched their own UE-ABS Network. A series of online content which is divided into news and entertainment. “Ulat Mandirigma,” serves as the official news program of the organization with the goal of showcasing the programs and abilities of the students in the field of news and public affairs. It’s been named as an Outstanding Student Organization for three straight times (2020, 2021, and 2022). 

  • Association of Students of Library and Information Science (ASLIS) 


The Association of Students of Library and Information Science (ASLIS) is a circle of future information professionals at the University of the East. As aspiring librarians, members of UE-ASLIS aim to promote an information-driven environment in the University’s community.

  • English Coterie (ENGCOTERIE)  


UE English Coterie is a community of students with a common interest in and understanding of the English language. English majors, as well as those with a similar interest in the study of language and literature, can interact and exchange ideas in a supportive setting through UE English Coterie.

  • International Studies Society (ISSo)


The International Studies Society is a college-based student organization in UE Manila, solely formed for the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (ABIS) community. It is centered in honing the skills and maximizing the exposure of its members as their preparation for a larger world to discover. The organization observes its three (3) significant pillars in every endeavor, mainly known as the 3C’s; Cognition, Compassion, and Camaraderie.

  • Journalism Society (JOURNSOC)


The University of the East Journalism Society (UE JOURNSOC) is an organization that represents a united and cohesive body of journalism students who work towards nation-building, values development, and social enlightenment. UE JOURNSOC aims to help in the preparation and growth of a better generation of journalists who will define the new Philippine society by imbibing the journalistic principles of accuracy, objectivity, thoroughness, fairness, transparency, and independence to its members.


  • Lex Societas Orientis (LEXSO)


The Lex Societas Orientis (formerly Legal Management Society) is the premier and home organization of Legal Management majors in UE Manila. LexSO envisions itself as a microcosm of principled, socially conscious, and responsive members equipped with versatile knowledge of the law and business. It upholds the vitality of youth empowerment in steering the nation’s ship of state.

  • League of Tourism Students (LTS) 


The League of Tourism Students is the recognized student organization at the University of the East Manila College of Arts and Sciences for Tourism Management students. It serves as an avenue for tourism students to showcase their leadership potential as officers of the organization and for members to further hone their interests, knowledge, and skills by way of activities, both co-curricular and extra-curricular, conducted by the organization which is put up by dedicated organization officers as guided by their faculty adviser.  

  • Mathematics and Statistics Society (MSS)  


The UE Mathematics and Statistics Society was established through the efforts of people who share an interest in learning and understanding the language of the universe. The organization put together projects and events which give opportunities to demonstrate various skills related to mathematics for the students of UE College of Arts and Sciences. All of these done in order to show how math don’t equate to numbers and complicated formulas, to show that math is no different to any other language that is used in this world.. Until now, we continue with this intent and purpose to encourage more people to give mathematics a chance.

  • Political Science Society (PSS) 


UE-Political Science Society is the official organization of the college program Bachelor of Arts in Political Science based in UE-Manila. Our mission is to train future competitive and dynamic leaders by allowing them to recognize their strengths and weaknesses as well as realizing their potential as future leaders, proponents of rule of law, shapers of opinion and public policy, as well as nation builders. 

  • Pre-Medical Civic Society (PMCS)  


UE Pre-Medical Civic Society is the official organization of BS Biology majors. It is dedicated to training Pre-Medical students and its allied courses by performing civic acts towards our fellowmen. The organization’s mission is to guide its members to become, not only better healthcare workers, but also to become more active and responsible members of society.

  • Society of International Hospitality Management (SIHM) 


The Society of International Hospitality Management (SIHM) is a home to all bona fide students and alumni of University of the East – Manila Campus under the Hospitality Management program. It commits itself to provide effective, efficient and professional training through various activities and projects to prepare students in the fast-paced and fast-changing global hospitality industry. This organization empower the students to uphold the values of the university to be able to produce a globally competitive, nation-builder and a successful individuals in their future professions.

  • UE Psychological Society (UEPS)  


The University of the East Psychology Society is a student recognized organization which cater and foster the young psychologist to hone their skills, talents and their academic strength. The UEPS is the home of the psychology since 1989, from then on, the organization together with the department of behavioral science have produced numerous of counselors, lawyers, doctors, educators, and professionals in the corporate industry. 


  • Beta Epsilon Sigma (BES)


Beta Epsilon Sigma Honors’ Society is an exclusive Accounting honors’ society established in 1966. It is driven by its goals and aspirations towards innovative leadership and academic excellence, inspired by synergy and cooperation, brotherhood and camaraderie among its members, with a dedication of promoting education and all its worth to the society, the country and the world.

  • Beta Sigma Omicron (BSO)


This Organization mainly focuses on its advocacy regarding Student Empowerment through Education and Culture Development and Student Leadership in line with its advocacy to form a strong bond of Brotherhood and Sisterhood not only up until Graduation but even after Graduation

  • Economics Society (ECOSOC) 


The University of the East Manila – Economics Society is an organization established in year 1976 intended for the Business Economics students of the university. For 46 years, the organization molded a lot of outstanding people, achieved awards and recognitions, created numerous activities for the common good, and is continually running in service of its members. 

  • Hiyas ng Silangan (HNS)  


Hiyas ng Silangan Honors’ Society is an exclusive Accounting honors’ society established in 1966. It is driven by its goals and aspirations towards innovative leadership and academic excellence, inspired by synergy and cooperation, sisterhood and camaraderie among its members, with a dedication of promoting education and all its worth to the society, the country and the world.

  • Institute of Junior Management Accountants (IJMA)


The IJMA is a student chapter of the internationally acclaimed Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). IMA student chapters are communities dedicated to connecting accounting, finance, and business students on college campuses. These chapters engage in various activities including spreading the word about IMA on campus, sponsoring talks and discussions with local business leaders, helping students make career decisions, and providing community service.

  • Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX)  


The Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX) is the sole, unified, and autonomous representative body of finance students of the University of the East – Manila. The JFINEX contributes and takes part to the youth’s financial literacy movement, promotes academic excellence and empowers social awareness and involvement among its members through development projects and activities related to finance.

  • Junior Marketing Association (JMA) 


The University of the East – Junior Marketing Association is a student organization dedicated to serving the marketing students. It is known as the UEJMA, and it fosters influence, unity, and inspiration among its members in order to achieve greatness in the field of marketing.

  • Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) 


The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – University of the East Manila is the home organization of students under the accounting-related programs of UE Manila and shall represent its members in the National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants. The JPIA – UE Manila is a democratic, non-partisan, non-political and non-profit academic student organization, under the jurisdiction of the University of the East Manila administration.

  • Management Student Society of UE (MASSUE)


The Management Student Society of University of the East is established primarily to serve as a venue for sharing ideas among management enthusiasts in the genuine pursuit of knowledge and the development of individual capacities. MASSUE prepares its members toward professionalism as practiced in actual business and with the spirit of dynamism, its works towards the development of civic consciousness and service orientation among students.


  • Computer Students Society (COMSSO)


COMSSO is one of the organizations in the CCSS department. The organization was founded in 1991 and was bestowed as the Best Student Organization award in 1997, until then the organization was always included in the Top 10 Best Student Organization every year. As an organization, we aim to build a community wherein students are comfortable to showcase their own selves, their talents, and further enhance their skills with the help of our events. We don’t just focus on academic events but we also serve students the break they needed once in a while with our extra-curricular events.

  • International Game Developers Association of the East (IGDA of the EAST) 


The IGDA of the East is a student organization that is nationally and globally acknowledged for promoting game development and animation; it is also acknowledged for producing talents that will become professional game developers, digital artists, producers, software engineers, educators, and industry leaders guided by the core values of leadership, excellence, and professionalism. The organization seeks to continuously fill the gap between the academe and the industry of multimedia and entertainment.


  • Achievers’ Council for Excellence (ACE)  


ACE, reaching out since 1987. Since time immemorial, The Achievers’ Council for Excellence undoubtedly nurtured its members. With a strong support from its members, faculty resource persons, adviser and alumni, ACE has become a home where potentials are honed and realized, producing Achievers, Leaders, Title holders and Top Notchers. The very reason why this org was awarded by the UE Student Affairs Office as one of the most outstanding orgs in UE & the only org in the College of Dentistry, for 5 consecutive years

  • Dental Health Team (DHT) 


The University of the East – Dental Health Team (UE-DHT) is an organization that strongly values love, unity and respect in everything. UE-DHT is more than just an organization; it holds its members as family for it paves the way for stronger relationships. Since 1975, it is considered to be the home of the topnotchers, as it consistently provides the ideal environment to enhance the capabilities of its members in attaining stellar academic performances and exceptional skills in Dentistry through advanced discussions and practicals. Aiming to develop both the character and the skill of a great dental professional, the UE-DHT priotizes to utilize these by means of serving others in dental health missions. It takes great importance in educating and treating patients the best way possible. Above all, the UE-DHT is founded on God’s grace and guidance. It continues to honor God as it carry on the ideals and values that have been passed from generation to generation.

  • UE Filipino-Chinese Dental Students Association (UE FCDSA) 


UEFCDSA is a community of dental students from UE who have come together in pursuit of dental knowledge and community service. It has been throughout the years in many ways and is still going strong.

  • Philippine Dental Students Association (PDSA)


The Philippine Dental Students’ Association of the University of the East is an organization devoted to the development of students’ dental skills and abilities through tenacity and zeal. PDSA also has its own National Executive Board that assists students in achieving more by enhancing their theoretical and practical skills at a national level by inculcating to its members various techniques relating to the competency in the field of Dentistry and as a contributing member of the society across the country as well.

  • Rotaract Club (RAC) 


The Rotaract Club is a global organization which empowers the youth and young professionals to develop their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Members of the community are nurtured and cultivated to enhance their knowledge and skills, and are taught to address the physical, social and societal needs of their communities, especially that our organization is driven by the rotary international visions, service above self. Such actions promote better relations between each person on a global scale through a framework of fellowship and service. Correspondingly, the club emboldens each member to develop professional and leadership proficiency to emphasize respect for the rights of others based on the recognition of every individual’s worth, along with the recognition of dignity and value of all occupations as opportunities to serve.



  • Akademia (AKADEMIA) 


Akademia is dedicated to the holistic development of the youth. It envisions to be the leading organization in character transformation and student leadership. As the students from the College of Education are conscious of the need for a dynamic and democratic youth organization, Akademia seeks to discover every potential that the students have through activities geared towards their academic improvement, socio-civic responsibility and cultural upliftment as service to our fellow students and alma mater. Akademia provides direction in organizing academic and cultural programs as means to take active participation in the life and mission of the organization. It leads all students into a deep experience to further promote a committed and pro-active youth involvement in the development of each student as an integral person and as a responsible member of the nation.

  • Human Kinetics Organization (HKO)  


The Human Kinetics Organization is one of the organizations under the UE College of Education that encourage BPED and BSESS students to be knowledgeable and excel in their career in teaching and sports, and provide avenues and opportunities for students to immerse themselves into their chosen fields beyond the classroom. Also, the organization aspires to be the leading student organization and a source of excellence in physical education, sports science, and wellness, and bring out the best potential to BPED and BSESS students.

  • Philippine Association of Nutrition-Sigma Chi (PAN – SIGMA CHI)  


PAN – Sigma Chi Chapter is a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) of BS Nutrition and Dietetics students. As an organization, it aims to significantly contribute to the field of food, health, and nutrition through academic excellence and implement activities that focus on proper nutrition and healthy practice to achieve a nourishing community.

  • Student Teachers’ Organization (STO)


The Student Teachers’ Organization is a recognized student organization in the University of the East – Manila under the College of Education. The organization gives focus to the graduating CEDUC students as it uphold and conduct different activities and seminars/webinars for aspiring educators to help them become effective and competitive teachers in the future.   


  • Association of Civil Engineering Students (ACES)


The University of the East – Association of Civil Engineering Students is a recognized student organization in University of the East – Manila that aims to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among its members through participation in a variety of engineering related programs and events. Students are given the opportunity to have a better understanding of the relevance of engineering to the real world and to differentiate between the potential for good and enjoyment that lies behind the myriad of challenges.

  • League of Electrical Engineering Students (LEES)


The “League of Electrical Engineering Students” is a recognized student organization within the university. Our organization aims to provide support and service for the electrical engineering students of the university. The organization aims to assist and encourage students to participate in various activities that will help them improve their skills physically, mentally, and socially. The League of Electrical Engineering Students seek to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development-appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles. Our organization promotes a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment. Each student’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with co-electrical engineering students as well as the department’s faculty. We strive to have our professors and community members actively involved on our students’ learning. Furthermore, the League of Electrical Engineering Students aims to be a forward-thinking organization that will prepare our members for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking, skills, cooperation, and respect for core values of honesty, integrity, loyalty and compassion. Developing these skills is the corner stone of the organization we offer. Students will have success for today and be prepared for tomorrow.

  • Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers – UE (PSME – UE) 


Established in 2011, the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers University of the East-Manila Student Unit is a non-profit organization under the College of Engineering representing the UE Mechanical Engineering graduates and undergraduates. This group aims to: (1) provide quality service to students in recognizing different opportunities in the Mechanical Engineering field by means of workshops and seminars; (2) guide students through their personal and career development; (3) be a way to promote and educate to improve its constituents’ self-reliance, working conditions, and quality of life; and (4) contribute back to chosen charities/communities.

  • Society of Computer Engineering Students (SCpES) 


The Society of Computer Engineering Students is an organization of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from University of the East Manila Campus that aims to be widely recognized for unifying CPE students through different quality programs and events that are related to Computer Engineering which emphasizes success of a diverse student, faculty and alumni community. 

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