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 The Filipiniana Section keeps resources about the Philippines regardless of author, imprint or format. The Filipiniana collection includes books on Philippine history and culture, political science, literature and other subjects. These include writings by Filipino authors whether published in the Philippines or abroad, and writings by foreign authors but treating substantially on the Philippines. It also houses special publications of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA), and National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA)

The Periodicals Section provides current foreign and locally published periodicals, newspapers, bound and unbound journals, to which the library subscribes, as well as annual reports and other publications of local and foreign corporations and other educational institutions. These materials are available for room use only but can be produced as the need arises. Back issues of printed newspapers are available online through the Current Index to Philippine Periodicals(CIPPA) or in microfilm which can be read through the use of microfilm reader at the Information Common Section.







The computer services through the Database Section performs  functions which are related to the work practically of every sector of the library. It maintains the efficiency of the present computer network and systems to further the application of IT to library operations.

At present, library patrons can count on the following services made possible through the application of computer technology to work in the library:

  • Bibliographies

These are generated from the databases whenever needed by officials, deans, faculty, or when reports are to be submitted for compliance to CHED or other accrediting agencies.

  • Multimedia

Educational CDs, DVDs, microforms and interactive materials are available for study & research as well as for leisure to relax the minds and spirit of the students and other library users.

  • Online legal resources 


which provide full-text and abstracts that are available for Law and Legal Management students and faculty members.

  • Online Electronic Books and Journals(EBooks, EJournals)


Online electronic journals and electronic books are accessible outside the library through the use of password issued by the publishers/Database Section

  • Printing


Identified and selected articles available from microfiche, microfilm, CD-ROMs and other online resources can be printed for minimal fee at the Information Common Section or from the Graduate School Library


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