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Third Floor, POD-CIT Bldg.

The Reference Section contains collection of extensive reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, directories, and other reference type of print and electronic books. It has also collection of geographical, historical, political and economic maps and atlases as well as general information materials. All the resources are restricted for room use only. These are updated and supplemented by electronic books and other information resources accessible through the internet facilities accessible inside and out of the library.


Educational as well as popular films or movies in CDs, or DVDs are available for study & viewing to relax the minds and spirit of the library users. 

  The repository section of the university that keeps the institutional memory of the university.  It keeps records and related historical collections that include the following:

  1. Documents, speeches, writings, clippings, correspondences, affiliation in organizations, personal papers, memorabilia, photographs of the founders and other important officers and personnel;
  2. University records: academic and administrative records of permanent and historical value emanating from the operations of all units of the University;  other documents relating to the development of the University which are considered appropriate for preservation for reference, research and documentary purposes;
  3. Correspondence that document important relationships between the University and individuals or entities outside the University;
  4. Inter-university correspondences that document important or basic University activities;
  5. Publications of the various units of the University: books, journals, faculty publications, student publications, souvenir programs, invitations, theses, etc.
  6. Manuscripts, pictures, videos about the University and its students, faculty and administrators;
  7. Records generated as a result of University activities;
  8. News about the University, press releases;
  9. Memorabilia: University relics, photographs, mementos, trophies, citations, posters, etc.
  10. Personal papers: records reflecting the social, civic, or educational contributions of faculty members, students and famous alumni. This may include biographical features, correspondences, legal documents, speeches and writings, lecture notes, clippings, photographs, memorabilia, records pertaining to professional, social and civic organization affiliations, studies and publications.


Department of Libraries
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Director of Libraries
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Aquilino M. Abenojar
Assistant Director (Manila Campus)
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Fely A. Diego
Assistant Director (Caloocan Campus)
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