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The College of Engineering affirms its role to develop globally competent and professional engineers imbued with proper values, committed to serve the industry and society and contribute to national development.




The College of Engineering is envisioned to be the “National College of Choice” with the highest quality of academic programs equipped with modern and latest technology for research, computational methods, and experimentation.

Specific Objectives

  1. To produce engineering graduates who are most preferred by the industry, well prepared to pass the professional board examinations and trained to become potential leaders and professionals in the engineering fields.

  2. To obtain the best state of the art engineering facilities and laboratory equipments and maintain modern engineering research and testing centers.

  3. To develop faculty members with a highest level of knowledge and excellent teaching capabilities.

  4. To strengthen linkages, with related industry to fund research, support grants and to be aware of the needs and demands in the industries.

  5. To be involved with the local community by continuously providing technical skills and engineering consultancy services.






The OBE Framework shows the cyclic process of achieving the Program Educational Objectives (PEO) through Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). Aligned with the Vision-Mission Statement and Objectives of the University and subject to the monitoring of several regulating and accrediting bodies (CHED, PRC, PACU-COA, PTC, PAASCU), the PEOs are formulated through the collaboration of stakeholders: students, industry partners, parents, alumni, faculty and administration.

The Program Outcomes, also considered Student Outcomes (SOs), are instrumental in achieving the PEOs. The Teaching Learning System are so designed to deliver effective instruction thereby enabling the learners to exhibit the required SO. The SOs are being evaluated using a variety of Assessment tools such as: Summative examinations, program and learning activities-related specific rubrics, etc., to determine the degree of performance of students in exhibiting the skills being required of them.

The CQI process thus ensures that the data and feedback generated in the PEO and SO evaluations are made an integral part of the program’s effort to constantly improve the quality of instruction and thereby producing graduates who possess the core values being espoused by the University.



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